Photo by TK Hammonds on Unsplash

I believe all of us have a unique talent or skill to share with the world, AKA your “superpower.” My superpower is creativity, and I have been using this power for many years to make people laugh while also connecting businesses to customers.

I spend a lot of my time using my superpower to market products and services to a wide variety of audiences. I am consistently learning and testing the latest and greatest technologies, channels, and platforms. I get geeked out by it, and fortunately for me, I do not expect the onslaught of technology to slow down anytime soon. If I am not actively using new technology, I am probably learning about it. When I am not marketing, I am writing, drawing cartoons, or studying the new world of work.

The new world of work is fascinating – especially for creative people, entrepreneurs, makers, crafters, or anyone interested in starting their own business. During the industrial age, people “auditioned” for the opportunity to have their creative endeavor released into the world. Those days are ending. Today, if you want to publish a book, open an online store, start a magazine or invent a new product you can – without having to audition to anyone.

It is an excellent time for creative people, entrepreneurs, makers, crafters, and small business owners, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experiences, and thoughts with you as I carve my path in this new world of work.

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