Career Resolutions for the New Year

Man working at home

It’s time to think about your New Year’s resolutions.  Here are some recommended career resolutions you might want to consider as you decide what improvements you want to make in 2017.

Develop a networking habit

Networking can be key to your success in your current job or in discovering new career opportunities.  Start early.  Reach out to your current network contacts and ask about their holidays and how the new year is starting out for them.  Use your lunch hour to meet with new people or reconnect with people you don’t see every day.  Commit to doing this once a week, and you’ll have 52 networking opportunities this year.

Manage your online presence

Many of us fail to stay in touch with our clients and networking contacts through professional social media platforms.  Take the time to update your profile on the professional social media platforms you use.  Be sure to use a professional photo that’s current.  Get in the habit of posting topics about your business industry and your career expertise.  Review your personal social media platforms and delete anything that casts you in a bad light with clients or your employer.

Spend your morning wisely

Many of us arrive at work with thoughts of what we want to accomplish during the day.  Before we know it, the morning has slipped away and we’re nowhere near completing what we hoped we would.  To prevent that from happening, take 10 minutes to create a plan for the day.  Prioritize the things you want to accomplish and spend your morning working on the most important task.  Even if the rest of your day gets away from you, at least you’ve completed your most important task of the day.

Go outside your comfort zone

Stretch beyond your day-to-day and do something outside your comfort zone in 2017.  Think about your career goals and interests and explore your options. Join a cross-functional team, such as an employee resource network or a company sports team.  Develop your leadership skills to prepare yourself for the next step up the career ladder.  If you don’t have the opportunity to build your leadership skills at work, consider joining a civic group or charitable organization.  Whether at work or while you’re volunteering, refine your old skills and develop new ones.

Ask for what you want

Too many of us sit back and wait for the things we want to come to us.  In many cases, our management team isn’t aware of what we want.  Don’t be afraid to ask for training, feedback, a mentor, or a paid membership in a professional organization.  You’ll tell your boss a lot about yourself when you start asking for development opportunities.

After you decide on your 2017 career resolutions, tackle one or two at a time instead of trying to implement them all at once.  Focusing on those that are most important to you first.  Doing so will help you stick to your resolutions and set you up for success in the coming year.

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