Tips for Saving Money Around the House During Winter

Energy savingAs the temperature continues to drop, here are some great tips on things you can do around your house to save money this season.

Turn your thermostat back

Turning your thermostat back 2 to 3 degrees for about 8 hours a day will help slash your annual heating bill. Some digital systems let you program them, so the heat is turned back while you’re out of the house and back up when you’re there. Some systems can help you save about 12 percent a year. I have a programmable system and it works great.
Some energy companies allow their customers to see the energy they’re using and when, so they can better manage their usage and save.

Use your fireplace less

You might think using your fireplace will save on your heating bills. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Unless a house is very small, a fireplace doesn’t produce enough heat to warm the whole house. Your heating system will still run even if you have a roaring fire. While the ambiance is nice and relaxing, cold air from outside replaces the hot air going up your chimney. In turn, your heating system has to warm that cold air up.

Make sure your fridge and freezer are shut

To ensure you’re not spending more on your energy bill than you should, be sure your fridge and freezer are tightly shut. Stick a dollar in your refrigerator door, so the bill is half in and half out of the refrigerator. If you can easily pull the dollar out, then you may need to adjust the door latch or replace your seal.
To optimize your freezer’s performance, defrost it once the frost builds up to 1/4 inch.

Watch your gaps

According to, up to 30 percent of the air that goes through your home’s ductwork is lost because of leaks. Check the exposed ducts throughout your house, such as in the attic or basement, and seal any leaks. Caulk between window and door frames and the walls to plug leaks and keep heating from escaping.

To avoid costly repairs to your roof, walls and gutters, clean leaves and debris out of your gutters regularly. Clogged water freezes in and may cause damage.

Take advantage of bargains

For long-term savings, consider buying outdoor furniture offseason. Just like summer fashions, prices on patio furniture are slashed at the end of summer. Find what you like and take advantage of the excellent bargain.

Don’t let the cold air and high heating bills get the best of you. Take steps to follow these tips so you don’t pay in the long run.

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