Six Ways to Save Money on Your TV and Internet Bills

save-on-tvRecently, I started asking friends, family members, and other acquaintances how much they spend on TV and Internet. I discovered that most are like me and spend around $200 per month. Some pay a little less, and some pay even more.  That’s a sizeable chunk of change.  Here are some tips on how you can save money on your TV and Internet bills.

Bundle services

Think about all the forms of communication you use: mobile phone, landline telephone, TV, and Internet. Generally, you pay more if you get these services from multiple providers.The more you bundle services with one provider, the less you’ll pay.

Cut back on your services

Most of us pay for Internet and cable TV services we don’t even use. Look at your cable bill and see what the charges are. You might find that you’re paying for movie, sports, or other special interest packages that you never watch. Call your cable company and cancel them. You can also scale back on your Internet services. Most Internet providers charge you for premium (the fastest speed). If you only use the Internet to send and receive emails, browse shopping and news sites, and update your Facebook page, you don’t need the highest speed available. See if your Internet provider offers lower speeds at a discounted rate.

Visit the library

You can borrow DVDs from the library for free. These are the same movies that the premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime air. If you rarely use the Internet, consider cutting out the expense all together and go to the library when you need to browse for something.

Cut the cord

Many people have canceled their cable television service completely because they’re able to identify alternative (yet still legal) ways to watch their favorite shows. Sites like stream the most recent episodes of shows within a day or a few days of their original broadcast date. If you don’t mind waiting until the current season is over, Netflix maintains libraries of entire seasons of hit shows. Many services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu also produce and stream original programming. There are monthly fees for these services, but they’re small in comparison to monthly cable rates.

Switch providers

If you’re a cable subscriber, check with satellite providers and see if they can save you some money – and vice versa. Be warned that recurring taxes and fees may reduce your expected savings. Ask for a sample bill or have the sales associate disclose all the recurring taxes and fees.

Negotiate your rate

You may find that another provider offers lower rates, but you’re reluctant to switch. Call your provider and let them know you’re thinking about canceling because you’ve found better rates elsewhere. Many providers will slash your bill for a limited time period or offer you a slightly lower rate indefinitely.

Some people pay the same for their TV and Internet services as they do on inexpensive cars. Imagine what you could do with the savings from reducing your monthly TV and Internet bills.

What suggestions do you have? What has worked for you?

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