Why You Should Be Recycling More

Recycled answers

On average, we each produce almost four and a half pounds of waste every day. While about a third of it is recycled in the U.S., that’s still a lot going to the landfills. Recapturing more of that waste can have many positive effects, including:

Conservation of Natural Resources

When metal, paper, plastics and other materials are recycled instead of being discarded after a single use, that means less new materials need to be mined or harvested. This means less water use and less pollution attributed to gathering new materials. Our current rate of recycling has the same greenhouse emissions benefit as removing 25 million cars from the road. Imagine the benefits if we did more.

More Green Jobs

Experts estimate that achieving a U.S. recycling rate of 75% by 2030 would create 1.1 million new jobs. When we recycle and reuse we create at least nine times as many jobs as there would be when we send all our waste to the landfill.

Green Spaces are Preserved for Future Generations

Lowering the amount of raw materials we need means that less space is ravaged by logging and mining. Less in landfills means more beautiful usable spaces for everyone else. When we recycle, we aren’t just making things better for today; we’re building a more sustainable future.

How You Can Help

Recycling only works if we all get involved. A few ways we all can help:

  • Recycle at home. Each one of us can reduce the amount of materials we send to landfills by sending recyclables to the right place.
  • Make recycling easier in public places. Ask your city to put public bins for recycling cans and bottles next to the garbage receptacles so people can responsibly dispose of trash on the go.
  • Buy recycled products. When you are buying new items, look for information that shows the maker used recycled materials. Papers that make paper and plastic products, for instance, will say on the label how much recycled material they use. By buying recycled, you keep the cycle going.

These small actions every day can help ensure that more is recycled and that less winds up in the trash.

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