Moms – the ultimate superheroes.

Super Mom

She cooks; she cleans; she drives you to softball practice. When you are too old to drive to softball, she has the perfect advice on how you should drive. She’s Mom the Superhero, and she has your back from the very first breath that you take on this planet. She packed your lunch, and she still packs it if you let her. She has dinner waiting on you when you get home, even if that trip home takes years to make. She’s Mom, and she will always be your first superhero.

Until you become a mother (or a dad – close enough), you will never truly understand the sacrifices that mom made to make your life so easy. Everything else doesn’t just fall by the wayside just because mom is mom. Mom still deals with adult problems – problems that she tried her best to shield you from for as long as possible.

When was the last time that you gave your mom a truly heartfelt “thank you” – Mother’s Day last year? There is nothing wrong with setting aside time for a special thanks. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about. However, we should all be thanking our moms every day. They are, after all, the ultimate superheroes of our lives. They are the people who give us the strength and the example to be superheroes for our kids.
Never forget who made you who you are. It was always, and it will always be, MOM!

PS – Don’t forget to show your mom how special she is on Mother’s Day!

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