Remembering Dad on His Special Day

Cute daughter and her father having princess time.As you look forward to Father’s Day next week, odds are good that you’re planning a barbecue or other get-together to celebrate dad. In some families, the traditions are time-honored and sacred while other families are far more casual about their Father’s Day activities and celebrations.

However, you choose to celebrate your father, finding the perfect gift for the man who taught you to ride a bike, mow a lawn, and throw a punch or who wiped your tears after your first broken heart, waited up to all hours of the night to make sure you arrived home from your dates safely, or agonized the first time a boy held your attention longer than five weeks; can be difficult.

Surely by now he has all the #1 Dad coffee mugs, Grill Master t-shirts, and gaudy socks and ties your money can buy. Sometimes, remembering dad on this special day is the best way to find the perfect gift. Consider gifts that let dad know just how much he means to you today and has meant over the years as an authority figure, role-model, guiding hand, and infinite source of support.

Think of the memories you’ve shared over the years. Whether it’s special camping trips growing up, theme park vacations, roller coaster rides, a love of B-movies, shooting hoops in the driveway, or of watching college football together on Saturday afternoons, dad has been there for you over the years – through thick and thin.

This is the time of year to remember those moments and celebrate them. Whether through photographs, portraits, planning special trips together, or drumming up your own game of hoops, getting tickets to watch your favorite football team, or simply having long talks about those precious and special memories. Remembering dad doesn’t require a special day. He’s near and dear to your heart every day. But on this special day, make a point of sharing your fondest memories for dad with the man himself. Let him know just how special he is and how much he means to you.

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