The Best Time of Year to Buy Things

Did you know that you can save money on just about anything if you buy it at the right time of the year? That’s right. From new cars to computers to furniture to clothes, there’s a best time of the year to buy stuff. Check out our guide for when you can get the steepest discounts.


September is the best month to buy a new car if you’re willing to purchase last year’s model. New car models are released in the fall, so dealers slash prices on last year’s inventory to make room for the new year’s inventory. So what about used cars? April is the best month to buy used vehicles. Dealerships usually purchase them at auction in April and try to sell them pretty quickly. The excess supply makes April a buyer’s market for used cars. Since April is National Care Care Month, you can also get good deals on car parts, tires, and service.


January is the best month to buy new home furniture. New models come out on in February, so furniture stores offer great bargains to clear space for new inventory. You can also find deals on office furniture. Entrepreneurs tend to launch new business ventures in the new tax year, so retailers drop their office furniture prices to lure them in.


As you might expect, August’s back-to-school sales bring good deals on laptops. June is another great month in which to buy laptops even though back-to-school bargains are weeks away. If you’re in the market for a desktop computer, wait until September. Desktops go on sale after the back-to-school madness ends.

HDTVs and electronics

Obviously, November is a great time of the year to get the best deals on electronics, HDTVs, tablets, and cameras as the. holiday shopping season kicks off. HDTV savings continue into December. January is another month where you can find bargains on HDTVs and electronics. The annual Consumer Electronics Show triggers price drops, so retailers can clear shelves for the latest and greatest models. Retails continue to discount HDTVs and audio equipment in February, which is also a good month to buy video games released during the holiday shopping season.


As a general rule, season specific clothes go on sale midway through their season. February is the best time to buy winter coats and apparel. May is when you’ll find the best deals on spring clothes, and July is a great time to buy summer apparel. If you can wait, September and October are the best months to buy jeans for you and the kids.

Other fun stuff

In general, the best time to shop for items is when new models are introduced or seasons end. Here’s a list that shows by month when you’ll find the best bargains on lots of fun stuff.

  • January: Home furniture
  • February: Boats and tax filing software
  • March: Winter sports equipment, suitcases, and frozen foods
  • April: Snow blowers and jewelry
  • May: Mattresses and home goods
  • June: Gym memberships, lingerie, and cruises
  • July: Tools and grills
  • August: Lawn mowers and camping gear
  • September: Bikes, patio furniture, and sunglasses
  • October: Bikes, grills, and lawn mowers
  • November: Wedding dresses and cookware
  • December: Small appliances, holiday decorations (day after Christmas)

As long as your willing to wait and don’t mind buying last year’s models or styles, then you can save big bucks waiting for the best time of the year to buy stuff.

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