Five Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Improve Your Life

Many times, we don’t make the effort to better our lives because the job may seem too big. You can make big improvements by doing some smaller, simple things each day. Here are five simple things you can do every day to improve your life.

Determine Your Day Before You Get Up – When the alarm goes off in the morning, rather than getting up right away, take a few minutes to predetermine the great day that lies ahead. Tell yourself that people are ready to help you, and visualize a satisfying day filled with energy, fun and enthusiasm. Remind yourself of past successes, and fill yourself with enthusiasm. Use your time in the shower as you get ready to continually mentally prepare yourself for a productive day.

Be Grateful – We truly need to realize that many of our “first world problems” are insignificant. We all have much to be grateful for. There are family and friends who care about us. If you are employed, be grateful for the opportunity. If you don’t like your job, be thankful you have the opportunity to change it. We have technology and conveniences and are connected like never before. Look for things for which to be grateful. It is nearly impossible to be stressed when you are in a state of being grateful. Try it.

Purposely Do Nice Things for People – You are probably already a nice and helpful person, but intentionally crank it up. Even make note of these good deeds. You may also want to pay attention to the reaction you get from doing these deeds. You just may be surprised about how much return you get both mentally and emotionally from these acts, even if they are anonymous.

Talk a Walk Outside by Yourself – Try to put your mind on hold if you are feeling stressed. If you are trying to solve an issue, a walk may help you focus on new ways to look at the problem. Your body will soon learn that these walks are designed to decompress. Your mind will learn that the walk is an opportunity to avoid distractions and find solutions. Learn to ask proactive questions such as, “What are three terrific solutions for this?” Breathe deeply as you walk, and let your mind do the work for you.

Review Each Day’s Positives – Too often, our days are spent focusing on negatives. Take at least some time at or near the end of each day to mentally review your day from the beginning, reflecting only on the positives. Try to find the positives in even the negatives. If a key employee left, remind yourself that you will be able to find a replacement. If you lost an account, remember that there’s more business out there. It is a good time to be grateful again and reflect on the successes of the day and anticipate more for tomorrow.

Hope these were helpful.  I know we can struggle at times, but knowing things can be worse may help put things in perspective.  Life is too short to be misserable.

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