Want To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has become an essential social media platform to showcase your talents and successes. It’s a great place to network if you’re trying to get ahead in your job, change careers or promote your company. With over 467 million users, how do you make your profile stand out? Here are a few tips for boosting your LinkedIn presence.

Use a current profile picture

Profiles that feature pictures garner a 40% InMail response rate and are 11 times more likely to get viewed. In fact, a profile without a photo is considered unprofessional or SPAM and usually ignored. A profile picture is a must have. It’s best to use an up to date photo ideally taken by a professional. Your profile pic needs to fit 400 pixels (w) by 400 pixels (h) and should focus on your face.

Add a header image.

The header image can help visually tell more of your story. It can be virtually anything you want, but it should be professional in nature. Maybe it’s a picture of your company, the city you work, or an image that demonstrates your personality. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s of high quality, and you have the rights to use it. The header image measures 1584 pixels(w) by 396 pixels (h).

Include your contact information

Your contact information should include:

  • Email address.
  • Phone number
  • Twitter handle
  • Company or personal website.

*Keep in mind is that your connections have access to your contact information. This is why you should only connect with people you want to network with.

Create an engaging headline

Instead of using your current job title, craft a headline that serves as a mini value proposition or “elevator speech.” Your headline should explain what value you would bring to an employer. Use verbs and other active language that engages LinkedIn users. For example, my current title is VP, Member Engagement. The title doesn’t quite explain what I do. So, I rewrote my headline to summarize some of my key features.

Your headline is one of the few things that show up consistently when people see your profile such as in comments or updates. It’s precious real estate you need to maximize.

Optimize the blog/website anchor text

Since the anchor text is customizable, you may want to rename the standard URL “www.mywebsite.com” to something more attention-grabbing like “portfolio” or “blog.”

Include a compelling summary.

Your summary is a perfect opportunity to tell your story and connect with your reader. A good one is authentic, friendly and demonstrates what a potential employer or client can expect from you. Your summary can be long or short as long as it’s interesting and compelling.

Optimize for search engines

Employers utilize LinkedIn’s powerful search engine to locate talented people like you. Your profile will also be searchable on Google or Bing, so it’s vital that you use the right keywords and phrases that will help people find you. Imagine what terms your ideal employer would use for search and make sure these same keywords or key phrases are found sprinkled throughout your profile.

Emphasize your professional skills

You can add up to 50 professional skills to your profile. These skills work like tags when employers search for your particular skills. It’s a good idea to have people in your network endorse you for your skills whenever possible. Your LinkedIn profile is much more likely to get viewed when you include professional skills that have been verified (endorsed) by others.

Promote your projects

Highlight products, services, and projects in the Projects section of your profile. You can name a project and use a URL to lead the viewer to the project’s associated website. Show potential employers or clients the type of work that you do or have done.

Add publications

If you have written articles or there are articles written about you, add them to your profile. Publications demonstrate thought leadership and boost your credibility.

Join groups

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 LinkedIn groups. Find groups related to your business and industry and join them. Choose two or three of them in which to be an active participant. The most effective part of being in a group is participating and adding value to ongoing conversations. If you consistently add value, people who share similar interests may want to connect with you expanding your network.

Publicize your interests

Adding your interests to your profile will optimize it for those searching keywords related to activities and hobbies. Highlight your volunteer experience and causes you care about According to LinkedIn, 42% of hiring managers say they equate volunteer experience with formal work experience. In addition, 20% have hired a candidate based on his or her volunteer experience.

Keep these tips in mind to optimize your profile and boost your presence on LinkedIn. Once you’ve created your ideal profile, put it to good use and become an active LinkedIn user. Post updates relevant to your industry, share great content, connect with colleagues and always add value.

If you found this post valuable, feel free to share it with a friend or share your comments below.

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