Why You Need To Keep Your Resume Updated

You may be very happy in your current job, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your resume updated. Especially considering job security is now considered an oxymoron. Most of us don’t enjoy spending time working on our resumes, but here are several reasons why we should.

Presenting yourself as an expert

To establish your personal brand and to grow professionally within your current role, you may decide to position yourself as an expert by speaking at conferences and other engagements, publishing articles, or providing quotes to the media. Event organizers, journal editors, and the media will expect you substantiate yourself as an expert in your field. Your resume is the way to do that.

Being nominated for an award

While it may not happen every day, occasionally you may be nominated for a civic or professional award. The judging panel will want to know why you’re so great. While some panels may rely solely on the write-up completed by your nominator, others may request an extensive list of your accomplishments. That’s where your updated resume comes in.


Even if you’re not looking for a full-time position, you might be interested in doing some freelance work on the side. You never know when a great opportunity may land in your lap. Don’t miss out by not having an updated resume ready to give a company that needs to make a quick hiring decision. Opportunities like this happen more than you think. Employers prefer to hire people who have proven themselves and freelancing is a great way to demonstrate your talents.


Just because you’re not interested in seeking employment elsewhere doesn’t mean that another employer isn’t interested in you. If a headhunter approaches you, you’ll be able to provide them with an updated, impressive resume. Who knows, they may make you an offer you can’t refuse. If nothing else, it’s worthwhile and a confidence boost knowing you have skills and experience that other employers want.

Applying for a promotion

When you’re ready to apply for a more senior position within your current company, you may need an updated resume. What better way to show the hiring manager you’re enthusiastic about this opportunity than to be one of the first to apply. Even if the hiring manager is your current manager, most likely a panel of managers will interview applicants and make the hiring decision. While your manager may know your work, others might not.

Identifying development areas

Your professional achievements and mistakes happened for a reason. Updating your resume will allow you to reflect on your strengths and identify areas that might be important to develop. I would recommend developing as many transferable skills as you can. If you ever encounter a career change, you’ll be better positioned to work for new company or industry.

Creating a roadmap for your future

Employers aren’t the only ones who get an overview of your career by reviewing your resume. You do too. This review will show you what binds all your career accomplishments together and give you insight into where you might head in the future. The one constant in this world is change, and it seems things change quicker and more dramatically each year. Reviewing your resume and comparing how your skills match up with your desired position can help guide you on what skills you need to add or develop.

Preparing for the worst

You never know when you might become the victim of a merger, downsizing or layoffs. Sadly, many employees who have experienced this didn’t do anything wrong and weren’t planning on being let go. Keeping your resume updated, even when times are good, will help you land on your feet if it happens to you. You can immediately begin looking for new work inside or outside your company.

Experts recommend updating your resume once a month. You can add new accomplishments while they’re fresh in your mind and craft a document that presents the best you to prospective employers.

If you liked this post, share it with a friend or share your thoughts in the comments below. What advice would you add?

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