It was in the sixth grade I discovered my “superpower” of creativity – more specifically, drawing cartoons that made people laugh. One day, a classmate of mine told me he would pay me one dollar to draw a cartoon of our teacher. Because it was a lot of money, I rushed to my task. He was happy, I was rich, and the teacher, who immediately recognized herself, was furious! The cartoon must have been great because that same day I got to meet the principal.

Junior High School was where I really started my career. I drew for the Junior High School paper and a monthly newsletter. After school, my best friend, I shared a paper route. While waiting for our bundles, we would sit and talk about our plans in life, and I shared my dream of becoming a professional cartoonist. To my surprise, he was very pessimistic about the idea; he said I would never get published. I decided to prove him wrong.

With a handful of cartoons, I rode my bicycle to my local newspaper, the Warwick Beacon. I was lucky enough to meet the editor, who was very encouraging and told me I had talent. He said if I could “polish up” the cartoons I had with me, he would give me a shot. I went home and “polished” away.

I did not realize it at the time, but I was very fortunate to get considered for publication at that age. I have been drawing cartoons for magazines and newspapers ever since. I have also had the opportunity to create comics for other projects, including billboards, a children’s book, and a major art festival.

I have appeared in publications like The Providence Journal, Vero Press, Jupiter Courier, Abilene Reporter-News, Cranston Herald, Naples Daily News, Port St. Lucie News, Stuart News along with my weekly feature in the Warwick Beacon for several years.

You can see my cartoons on my website or a variety of platforms listed below:

Or, join my community on Patreon to see the good, bad, and ugly of being a cartoonist.

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