I have over ten years experience in marketing financial services and products. Working with finance this long teaches you many things about managing money – much of this knowledge I have put to good use.

I discovered many people are intimidated by money when they don’t need to be. However, I understand the pressure of social status and lack of education and financial literacy in school. Afterall, money is one of those topics along with politics and religion you just don’t openly discuss with friends or family. So how else do you learn how to manage money?

Learning the basics of effective money management does not need to always be about sacrifice. To me, it is truly living within your means and spending your hard earned money on what improves your quality of life. Some people think world travel is too expensive while others will sell all of their possessions to experience it. Although there is no “right” or “wrong” way per se, there are sound best practices.

I will occasionally share what I have learned about money throughout the years as a way to help others understand how money can be managed to suit your needs. Keep in mind that what I share is my own opinion based on my lifestyle and experiences. My thoughts may not always be a good fit for you, and I will always recommend meeting with a professional financial advisor to discuss your unique situation and goals.

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