Top 10 Tenants for Creating a Culture of Smart Saving and Investing

Whether from a family-centric view or the entire society, smart savings and investing isn’t just a process. According to reports, the average American household has about $15,355 in credit card debt, much more if you factor in mortgages, personal loans, student loan debts, and vehicle loans. This is an expensive fact of American life. How […]

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4 Financial Tips for People of All Ages

Understanding how to manage your money is important to your financial success. However, most people don’t learn the basics of personal finance in school. Those who do probably forget most of what they’re taught before getting their first “real” jobs. Here are four personal finance tips that will help you live comfortably now and in […]

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11 Great Ideas to Build Your Emergency Fund

Most of us know that having an emergency fund is a good idea but maybe you’re not sure how to get started or where to get the funds.  Here are 11 great ideas for building your emergency fund: Tax Return If you can treat your tax refund as “found money” you can build, and add to […]

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