The Best Time of Year to Buy Things

Did you know that you can save money on just about anything if you buy it at the right time of the year? That’s right. From new cars to computers to furniture to clothes, there’s a best time of the year to buy stuff. Check out our guide for when you can get the steepest […]

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Top 10 Tenants for Creating a Culture of Smart Saving and Investing

Whether from a family-centric view or the entire society, smart savings and investing isn’t just a process. According to reports, the average American household has about $15,355 in credit card debt, much more if you factor in mortgages, personal loans, student loan debts, and vehicle loans. This is an expensive fact of American life. How […]

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Spending Less vs. Earning More

If you made 10 or 20 percent more each year, how much better would your life be? Would you find it interesting to know that no matter how much people make, virtually everyone believes that just a little bit more is all that’s needed? Earning More Let’s start by accepting the fact that to earn […]

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